Frum Outdoorsman: Rare but Possible

The wanderings and adventures of an orthodox Jew

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Feel free to send suggestions and or anything interesting. Stories and entries are accepted. If you want I can post them and give you recognition or keep them anonymous. Also I am single and looking so if you have shidduch suggestions I am all ears

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  1. susan said

    hi outdoorsman-i found you while looking for the monsey mountaineers who i encountered in harriman park last week.
    if you are in monsey area or greater metro NY–i want to invite you to our hiking group–URL above. also i have a very nice stepdaughter in her late 30’s. i hike daily in harriman.
    susan from suffern

  2. Hi Outdoorsman,
    Have you considered heading a bit west for your outdoors fun. I’ve written 12 guidebooks on where to hike, bike, paddle, etc in central & Western NY. There’s lots of free info on my web site http;// Plus, sign up for our free e-newsletter on outdoors stuff – you can read past issues on the web site. Happy Trails! Sue

    PS: I would love to have a link from your blog if you think it’s appropriate.
    Footprint Press Recreastion Guidebooks

  3. Amien said


    Wow! Great info. I wish, I could have such a writing skills:)))))

  4. Read your post, a few thoughts. You could contact sporting equipment manufacturing companies, and try and get a equipment testing job. Here or Israel. Be outdoor tour guide Survivalist training. Outdoor photographer, remote areas. Without more info, this is my best first response. Budd

  5. Dave said

    Hey from Seattle

    This summer I ran into 4 Frum women shoping for food for a 2 week camping trip it blew my mind, being a BT road biker camper ect ect

  6. yankal said

    I got two questions for you which I hope you’ll have time to answer 1- were do you get kosher protein bars 2- I,m thinking of staying in hostels (which I find mostly on do you have any experience with hostels?
    as a frum person with a beard I,m more then a little apprehensive about dong this!

  7. Hi,

    I am a frum dude, also a Semicha student, who is passionate about the outdoors and currently involved in making a career out of being in the backcountry. I would love to talk further with you about our mutual interests and the ways that we can help each other. I am trying to put together a Shomer Shabbat NOLS trip early in the summer. Please drop me a line. My number is four I 2, four one 4 I 3 four 3

  8. Meira said

    I am an avid outdoorsperson. I look at all the trips offered by REI and Sierra Club and rue the fact that most of them have activity over Shabbos that the frum Jew cannot indulge. Does anybody know of an outdoor adventure company–that caters to adults, including middle aged folks; not just students—that offers Shomer Shabbos trips?

  9. Hi,


    I would be happy to tell you about a shomer shabbat NOLS trip going on this summer in Wyoming. Please drop me a line here, or look for my phone number surreptitiously hidden in the box above. Don’t give up. There really are enough of us out there to do it right.

    BTW, Frum Outdoorsman, this past summer I hiked the JMT for about a week and then summited Mt. Whitney. I would totally be interested in getting back there this summer. Drop me a line.

  10. miriam said

    hi jordan,
    The NOLS trip sounds amazing!
    What are the exact dates for the trip?
    I don’t consider myself an avid hiker but I do see this kind of experience very inspiring and rewarding. Would this trip suit a beginner?
    where can I find out more information?
    hope to hear from you soon,

  11. I just fell on your site from a Jew and Carrot link. Holy Moses, a Frum Outdoorsman? Living in RINGWOOD?? No way! I lived on Conklintown Road for my entire formative years… you are a rarity, Dude!

    Jump to my site for a visit if you desire:

    (try not to cringe, its not very Kosher)

  12. Frum Hiker said

    Miriam if you email I can pur you in contact with Jordan and Knifethrower- I live in Monsey- but spend my evenings riding in Ringwood since its so close.

  13. Mike said

    Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

    Did you know that over 94% of personal computers have hidden corrupt dangerous files with over 150 hidden errors and bugs on them?

  14. Oliwia said

    Chapter 1

    Once upon a time there was a little boy called Jack. He was a young, clever boy. Jack had a sister, which was older than him. She was clever, pretty and rich. She knew Jack was her brother but she never told anyone. Well Jack was a poor boy. Jack and his sister were separated when they were young babies. Jack went to a little farm which people were poor and Chloe his sister stayed with her real parents and 6 more brothers and sisters. As years passed Jack and Chloe grew up. Chloe grew up as a lovely, clever and beautiful lady but Jack…well he, many many years ago ran off and followed Chloe to his old house. Now people say that he’s still there hiding but Chloe knows where he actually is. Everyday she checked if he was alright, gave him food and cared about him. Once a servant Mrs. Grave followed Lady Chloe to her…..WARDROBE! When Chloe went inside she was gone. The servant quick ran in and was on a hot, beautiful island! She immediately saw Jack and Chloe playing around. “Chloe?” she shouted across the other side of the small island. Chloe turned gasped and ran off, but Jack stared at the servant and went closer and closer. “ Mary, is that you?” he whispered to himself. Mary the servant look very amazed and shouted with happiness: “You know I heard that, and I’m Mary and You are…?”. Jack called for Chloe and said that Mary knew him before and they used to be best friends! Mary, Jack and Chloe played on the island for ages till the night. After they went back home through the WARDROBE. “ Mary, Chloe….and who are you?” Asked Lady Marianna the Mother of Jack and Chloe. Then into the room ran a little baby boy “mommy, mommy, mommy!” he shouted. “I am very sorry, motttt..her!” a soft, serious voice said. “ohh, don’t worry sweetheart” her mother answered “ just take Jack the 2 out of here, please Annie” and they went out. “ so will I get to know who you are?” Their mother replied. Then after a while Chloe whispered to Jack : “ Jack quick answer , she’s your mom” Then Jack looked very seriously at his Mother and answered her “ I am sorry Mrs. Groode. I am em……I am you know….Jack’s my name and I am 10 years old and I miss my old family. That’s why I came back……mom!” Chloe, Mary and Marianna look very amazed at Jack even Mr. Groode heard that and came in the room. “ Ja……Ja….Jack! is that you?” Then Jack smiled and with happiness cried out “yes. Mom dad you don’t know how much I missed you.” Then Annie, James, Jack the 2,Marie, Conrad and Eddie came in and hugged their brother even his dad mom and Chloe hugged him. “wait…. Jack does your uncle Bernard know you’re here?” Jack looked at Chloe, she shook her head “ooopsie” Chloe said loudly and they all answered “ CHLOEEEE!” even Jack did! “Quick Joe. Joeeeeee get the car!” shouted Jacks Father Harry. And off they went, to the Bernard’s farm. : Jack we are soooo happy you came back “ said Annie and then Jack the 2 said “yes bro bro bro!”

    Chapter 2

    They reached the farm. Bernard ran out off his house and shouted with happiness off seeing Jack “ ooooh you little boy we’ve looked for you everywhere! Where were you?” Then Jack held on to his parents and cried out “ Uncle I hate you! You always shout at me and auntie Laura!” Everyone looked very surprised! “ how dare you shout at them Bernard” Shouted Sir Harry and after a while Lady Marianna shouted :
    “you should be ashamed off your self!”

    Then Bernard told everyone to have a seat and told everyone the truth. “so I guess that is the last time I see you little Jack”

    Chapter 3
    Jack looked at his mom then dad and told them to come and talk to him outside. After they were out Jack whispered to them: mom, dad he is very sad, I think he needs me. Annie heard that too so she said we could adopt a child but it would cost. “ yes, Annie that’s a very good idea! He will get a boy like Jack and he will be happy! Oh and auntie Laura will be thankful too!!” My dad said to our big family. Then we went in and told Bernard and Laura to come in our big limo. “were are we goin’?” Bernard shouted with an asking voice. No one replied. Finally we got there. I was exited to see uncle Bernard’s face after we come out the childrens home! Only me, dad and Annie went in. ”So, you want to adopt one of our children, is that right?” the manager of the home said. My dad Sir Harry nodded and said we could pay lots off money for one child but we really want two. The manager was very helpful and happy, Annie even said he was cute-YUCK! “ girl, boy two boys two girls?” the manager said which shocked us because he said it very quickly and we didn’t even know what to say.

    In the car mom and the rest of the children were waiting for us to come out. “Marianna were are we, and what are we doin’ here?” Bernard shouted to my mom. And so auntie Laura said to be patient like herself. “ Don’t worry Laura, I will tell you but not yet. Anyway it’s a surprise.” My mom said to them.

    Chapter 4

    “A girl and a boy, that’s very clever Mr.…” the manager said again when my dad made the choice “ Iam Sir not Mr. and my name is Harry Groode.” My dad replied with a little angriness. The manager was surprised he didn’t know we came from a rich family. “ our children will be very happy to go with you Sir. So pick the lucky ones.” He said with a bit of scared voice. Then my dad made the choice and we came out.“ Finally, that manager was annoying me!” said my dad. Annie looked and smiled in the window at the manager. Still looking at him she said softly: he was ok, I don’t get the point off you not likening him. I started laughing then
    the two children did and on the end dad did.
    Annie got angry and hurt her foot. “ What is this?” my uncle said surprised. Dad looked at me and smiled “ well their yours you said you will miss Jack, but we want him so we adopted them for you. Are you happy?” My uncle was so much laughing and hugged everyone, even me. “ of course Iam happy why wouldn’t I be?!”

    Chapter 5

    For the two children: Chealsy and Cj everyone had a party. When we got back home we quickly went to sleep after a fun party. In the morning everyone were telling their dreams. James was dreaming about roller skates, Jack the 2 about toys, Eddie about cars, Conrad about food which everyone started to laugh, Marie was about shopping, Chloe about her wardrobe, I dreamt about this cartoon movie and Annie, ha-ha, about that childrens home manager, ha-ha.

    Chapter 6

    After lunch we went to the park, cinema and funfairs. It was great. It was fun, fun and again fun. It was the best time of MY life! After we came back it was about 6:30 in the evening and so we had a ‘ rich tea’ as my dad said. “ what are we having for tea Mary?” my mum shouted out from the eating room “ I want tea, ha-ha!” my dad stared to laugh “ me too Mary, please, ha-ha.” My mum said as well. Then after a while all the kitchen servants bought the food, I ate: chicken with rice and coke but I did not want any potatoes or salad because I wasn’t that hungry after all. “ Annie why aren’t you eating, is something wrong?” my dad asked Annie. Annie still did not reply but in the evening mum came in her room and talked to her. How do I know? Well..ok I was listening to them and you know what, I know Annies secret, it’s that she likes that manager but I knew that before so it’s not a secret to me. In the morning we ate breakfast and Annie wasn’t there, neither was mum. Everyone wondered were they both went, and so I told they are in that childrens home because Annie likes that manager. Immediately everyone started laughing laughing and couldn’t stop! Chloe took me to her room and asked me if I feel ok in the house, I told her that I love being here and so I feel awesome here. Dad called us because Annie and mum came back. All of our family asked Annie and mum were they were. Annie ran to her room and mum told everyone that they went to Bernard to ask Chealsy and Cj about their manager but they couldn’t because they saw that their were out. “dada dada dada” Jack the 2 started pointing in the window “what is this?!” my dad was little scared but brave.

    Chapter 7

    Someone came out of the car and knocked on OUR door. Joe opened the door “ hello, can I help you?” he said.” Yes, I am looking for Lady Anne or Annie Groode, does she live here?!” the man answered Joe. Annie quickly ran down stairs and said HI to the man, but my dad pulled her and asked her who the man was. “ he’s the manager of that house thing-aaaaw” she replied “he came back to give that diamond which I’ve lost when we went to that childrens home!” my dad looked very surprised and said sorry to Annie which didn’t know what was going on. “Jack where are the other children?” (children running up the stairs) “ I think they went up……” before I could finish talking Annie was up stairs. “Annie, Annie stop don’t please, don’t do anything to them, Annie can you hear me, Annie!” Mum and dad started to shout.

    Joe took the diamond off manager and shoot the door in his face.

    Annie wasn’t shouting or anything, she was calm and soft talking.

    Chapter 8

    After I was in the house for a week I got wondering of what job I could do. It seemed that all the children wanted to only play with me except Chloe. Once I went up to her she seemed not to talk or care of what I was saying, I wonder what was the matter. “Annie, Annie, please help me Chloe doesn’t want to talk to me. Can you somehow try to now what is going on, she might tell you. Anyway you are the only one that can help me now, well Eddie or Conrad could help too but you are the girl she will understand more, please.” I asked Annie which I loved more than Chloe because she helps me and she is the biggest so I get to know her the most because she only plays with me and Jack the 2, well of course she plays with the other children but the most she likes playing with you know who.

    In the afternoon Annie asked me if it would be ok if she would talk to Chloe now because she has no time later on, I nodded my head to say yes and off she went. After half and hour Annie came back with Chloe and she whispered to me “ there you little bunny” and I hugged her because I love her.

    On the end of the week we all played, and did all the stuff we liked. My family loves me and they will never let me go. Well only when I will get married. “ look at her she is so pretty” Jack said on the end and Conrad said she was his so Jack got angry but just for fun!!!


  15. Dear Sir,

    I would love to use your recent photo of the stone bridge in a book I am finishing. You would receive a byline. I am at the very last stages of proofing the galleys so I would appreciate an answer as soon as you are able.

    Many thanks for your consideration,

    Tess Castleman

  16. Russ Klassen said

    Hi Frum.I came across you while researching stone bridges for a model train layout.I find it interesting that you ponder things of the past and what life was like for people before us.I am a Christian that lives near Winnipeg, Canada.You kind of sound like me, I consider myself a renaissance redneck,I like canoe trips, fossil hunting,astronomy and a part time artist.Get back to me if we should pick each others brain.
    Thanks. Russ

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