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Community Suppoted Agriculture by synagogues

Posted by Frum Hiker on June 6, 2008

I am a big fan of CSA’s, which stand for community supported agriculture- they were invented in Great Barrington Massachusetts- which was close to Albany so I have an affinity for them as well. They are basically community farms, small plots of land with shares and each share gets a certain amount of veggies, and each share agrees to work the land for a certain number of hours. I think its a great way for people to see where their food actually comes from- since most people are so far removed from the actual farming process- it also saves money, encourages healthy eating practices and is usually an environmentally friendly farming process by utilizing crop rotation, organic planting and small scale planting.

I was just found this blog Kosher Whine and they have this great article about their shul trying to get people in on a local CSA, which is a great idea in general. I would love to see more Jews becoming environmentally aware and interested in these types of community projects.

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I need a new job

Posted by Frum Hiker on November 12, 2007

So I quit my dead end job last week in hopes that I will finally be able to find something to do that I love. Seems unlikely considering the fact my resume is geared toward a political/legislative career in which my life would be surrounded by folks I dislike while I sat at a desk typing out constituent correspondence. In fact last year I searched with no luck for just that sort of job,now I am sort of stuck. Unlike most folks I actually need a certain amount of money to live, bare minimum is around 15k year for me to pay off my bills and rent. So money is not the issue, its peace of mind that is at hand.

So I obviously turned to the outdoors networks, but the problem is that my only experience in the outdoors is my own. I did not go to school for environmental science or a related field, so I am sort of screwed I think. A farmer I know may hire me, I will know in less then a month, but I am not expecting it and instead have been roaming sites in search of something Jewish and Outdoorsy at the same time. Yes its tough, because that is such a new concept.

My buddy Jason told me to contact the folks at Teva Learning center and find out about a job. The have program jobs listed on their site- you know- you work for 3 months get paid 250 bucks a week and get free rent. Problem is, what does one do after a few months, do we somehow just get another contract job, I have a feeling that only privilidged folks can afford to do such jobs. Judging by the way things really are, most environmentally aware Jews are from the upper middle class folks that go to baby Ivies and can afford to hop around locations.

I have also been thinking about doing the Adama program at the Isabella Freedman Center in Connecticut. I have some friends who did it and made some great connections. The problem is that besides only getting one day off per week- they work you like a dogs and dont bother to pay, once a again a job for newly graduated folks from wealthy homes who get gas money from mom and dad, what happened to us paycheck to paycheck guys working in these fields.

Sp once again I sit slightly depressed at my current situation, any suggestions on how to do what I love without spending more years in school or going bankrupt in order to work for pennies or even for free. Maybe you have a job for me.

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