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Riding Ringwood with the Jewish Outdoors Club founder

Posted by Frum Hiker on June 15, 2007

So I had the opportunity to meet and ride with the Alon Krausz the founder of the JOC- Jewish Outdoors Club, the largest of its kind I think. Basically a bunch of folks organize trips and rock it old school in the woods, and sometimes in more luxurious locations with showers and toilets.

We rode Ringwood, which is located in Ringwood NJ right over the border with New York. I have ridden here before, but never really made it anywhere. Alon and his buddy Ronnie showed me around. I felt kind of over pimped, riding a $2000 bike with two guys on bikes I wouldn’t buy at a garage sale for $20. But after all orthodox Jewish mountain bikers are very rare, in fact I will take any chance I can to ride with some, since I always ride alone.

We started off at the Shepards Lake trailhead, 5 bucks gets you in a bummer, but the guard told me that after 4pm they leave and it’s free. At all state parks its like this by the way, at Minnewaska I know they leave at 6 or so. There was a charedi picnic going on by the lake and the kids were fishing. I felt like asking for a handout of food, but remembered that in the New York area people are not as friendly. I remember this one time around the Corning area upstate I stopped for a bathroom break and a frummy barbaque was in progress- yes- I chowed down indeed.

So we rode mostly double track and yes its was boring, but being in the woods is always good- kind of like sex, even when its bad, its good. So we rode up and down round and round, until we finally came to some single track- which I promptly teared apart. Ringwood is very rocky and technical, there were some sweet drop offs that could be jumped and I had a ball, always waiting every few minutes for Alon and Ronnie to catch up- yes they sucked in expert mountain biker status- but for two guys riding hardtails that prob weighed a good 35 pounds- they actually were pretty darned good.

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