Frum Outdoorsman: Rare but Possible

Super lightweight backpacking


After a recent 3 day backpacking trip to Yosemite, I realized the joys of packing less. For years I have struggled with what I would call “into the wild syndrome” in which I pack everything and more because I think that extra fleece or battery is going to save my life. Ever since buying my smaller pack an Osprey Atmos 65 I have been able to go longer with less.

Small packs force you to take less, if I go into the woods for less than 3 days, I leave my stove and fuel at home. I rarely take a fleece, just a long sleeve wick shirt and I just recently purchased my first solo tent, an REI quarter dome which weighs just under 3 pounds, but since it’s freestanding you never need the spikes and since it’s the summer you never need the raingfly, without those items I would estimate the tent is closer to a pound and it’s super small and is high enough to sit up in.

As for food, I have been packing in a lot of nuts, dried fruits and energy bars, but could always use ideas on lighter foods, sometimes I take a loaf of bread and small almond butter packets. I have figured that the lightest grain is Israeli couscous or orzo. Trader Hoes has a good mixed bad of it and it’s kosher.
I do have a titanium cookset on my wishlist and have been figuring on getting a lighter bag for the summer months, right now my bag is over 2 pounds and rated to 25 degrees.

This past Thursday night I hiked the Pine Ridge Trail to the Coast Ridge Road where I camped and then hiked out the next day, it was super quick and light and awesome to be able to cover so much ground in so little time, on a weeknight in which I was at work the whole day no less. Will keep you posted on more adventures.

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