Frum Outdoorsman: Rare but Possible

I have moved to Northern California


This blog doesn’t get updated enough, which may be a good thing considering it’s an outdoors blog. I originally created it because the weather on the east coast sucked much of the time, so I figured I might as well relive my experiences of the great outdoors. Now that the weathers been great it’s tough to write about all the fun I’ve been having.

I have been living in the Bay Area for close to 7 months and it has been amazing. Although I never really have to drive more than 45 minutes from my house to get anywhere, human nature kicked in a couple of months ago forcing me to wander further and further from home. I went to Yosemite twice, up to Eureka, Shasta wilderness area, a coastal drive from LA to San Francisco and have a greater knowledge of California geography and roads than most natives. Its been fun and although I am lonely some of the time, missing my friends back home, I have made new one’s and the wilderness is so good that it keeps me coming back for more.

I hope to keep you all updated, although I have no idea how many people will actually read this.