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Between Bear Mountain and Cold Spring

Posted by Frum Hiker on July 15, 2008

I took out my road bike on Friday and did a 25 mile loop around the Bear Mountain Bridge area- a truly wonderful riding area if you go during a non crowded time. I road all the way out to Cold Spring and it was my firts time exploring the village and it was beautiful. The main street is lined with old buildings and boutiques and its riverfront town which means they have a park on the water over looking Storm King Mountain- the river i really nice at this spot with cliffs rising up on the west side of it.

I then road back on 9D and went across the Bear Mountain Bridge, I have driven it a hundred times but have never ridden a bike across and it was amazing. The view is phenomenal and I then road around the lake at Bear Mountain and back to my car parked across the bridge.

2 Responses to “Between Bear Mountain and Cold Spring”

  1. Sounds cool yo! How big were the hills?

  2. Phil said

    You have go to try the “Ptit train du nord” trail up here in Quebec. It is the old railway track that got converted into a bike trail, it runs about 200 kilometers through the Laurentian Mountains. As you are an avid biker, you can probably do the entire trail in less tahn a week, some parts run through Jewish country home areas, you can actually find a minyan right off some parts of the trail in the summer.
    I have been on various parts of the trail alone and with my kids, it never slopes more than 4% as it was a railway before they had a highway going up to those towns. On weekdays and the foo season when the traffic is low on the trail, you can run into all sorts of wildlife such as deers, snakes, pheasants, other interesting creatures. Some parts are more rural than others, the first half is gravel, the more rural part is paved.

    All of it is accessible by car, they also have a bus that can droop you off at different locations.

    Check it out by clicking:

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