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My brother needs to borrow a large internal frame backpack

Posted by Frum Hiker on June 25, 2008

My brother is going on a trip with the Jewish Outdoors Club to climb Mount Ranier- and he needs a 5500 cubic inch internal frame backpack. He just wants to borrow one- since he normally only does 5 day trips and never needs one so large. If anyone has one to lend or knows of anyone who may have one- please email me ASAP.

My brother is 5″4 so if anyone is between the heights of 5″1 and 5″6 it will do- ladies and gents either or.

One Response to “My brother needs to borrow a large internal frame backpack”

  1. mvs said

    Hope your bro’ got a small enough backpack. I lost a son in the Cascade mountains when he was hiking with a too-tall backpack loaded too high. He lost his footing when crossing a snow field, and because he was so off-balance, never was able to recover, even with his ice axe.

    That said, I hope his experience of Mt. Rainier was awesome. To me, it’s the most beautiful mountain in the world, from the forest-clad slopes to the high alpine meadows to the snow fields, to its silhouette in the dawn sky from Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill.

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