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Beautiful Harriman hike yesterday

Posted by Frum Hiker on June 18, 2008

I was on my way north up the Palisades parkway after work yesterday when suddenly the traffic stopped and I saw emergency vehicles in the rear view mirror meaning an accident had just happened. I scrapped my plans for a hike of Breakneck Ridge or Anthony’s Nose across the Bear Mountain Bridge and pulled a sketchy u-turn on the grass divider and got off the Lake Welch Parkway exit that took me into Harriman.

It was funny because I had originally planned on hiking in Harriman and was kind of playing it by ear. I went to the Silvermine Lake area and parked. I looked at my map and decided to hike up the yellow trail on the right side of the lake and take the AT to Black Mountain which said had a view.

The weather was amazing, 70 degrees, a slight breeze, dry and very clear- no clouds. The woods were pristine, extremely green, I haven’t hikes in some time. I go through stages, I have been in this kayak/bike stage and now have gone into a hike and wander stage.

I hiked up this rocky trail until the AT and turned right following the white blazes and red dot blazes. Up and up and until a slight view, then down. I crossed Silvermine Road- which was amazing, this is coming from nerdy old me who is fascinated with old roads. This road crossed the trail and was completely green covered. It was graded and fully in tact. In fact from the side it looked like a causeway through the woods- I will have some pictures sooner or later. I walked on it for a while pondering when it may have been built and why. There weren’t many mines in the area according to my map and the road just ended up aways according to the map.

I continued on the trail up a steep hill to a marvelous view of Silvermine Lake and the surrounding hills. Then onward to the next view which was amazing, I could see the cement factories in Haverstraw and the Hudson river snaking along the Palisades. On the other side is was just green and hilly.

I met a guy thru-hiking from Georgia and chatted for a bit, then I went back down to Silvermine road and hiked it back to the lake and crossed the damned crees coming out of the lake and went back to my car for a total of 2.5 hours of hiking.

One Response to “Beautiful Harriman hike yesterday”

  1. You should do some of the trails around Pine Meadow Lake. Starting from the Reeves Meadow parking take the red trail to the orange then the blue (don’t remember the names — I think the blue is “Seven Hills”), which will take you in a loop back to Reeves Meadow. Soon after you get on the blue you’ll come across some of the most amazing views, which you’ll have for a full 15-20 minute stretch, with occasional other scenic spots along the way. You can also do the loop in the opposite direction, but just be warned, there’s some real steep climbing to do that way.

    Also, the trails around Pine Meadow Lake are fascinating. There are a number of building ruins from the days of the Conklin clan, and some old roads. (And if the weather’s nice, you’ll love taking a swim in the lake.)

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