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Kayak therapy

Posted by Frum Hiker on June 12, 2008

The sun is forcing me to close my eyes, and its great because that allows these shades of blue and red and fuzzy circles to form in my vision- which I don’t need at this juncture anyway. Open water so placid that it seems to part for my boat as would a crowd for a king, eyes closed I gently break the flat waters surface to propel my little red kayak along the glassy lake. Eyes still closed, I clutch my oar ever so slightly and glide smoothly across the blackened depths.

I open them squinting at first and then turn to the blue sky, cloudless casting its blue shades upon this glorious lake. The only noise is gentle lapping of water against my hull, nothing else disturbs the tranquil air. Dragon flies occasionally dart about appearing to be schizophrenic and drunk not knowing which way to turn, flying speedily along and suddenly changing direction as if they had no idea where in fact they wanted to go, all over a blank water mind you, with no shrubbery or insects in sight in which to appease their appetites.

The shrill of a motorbike breaks the silence momentarily and then I am thrust back into my own therapy. My oar allowing my mind to wonder with each of its dips. My thoughts are clear yet completely overpowering and my mind wonders all over the stratosphere.

I am beyond the suns glares now and can let my eyes adjust to the slowly fading light. I am in the shadows of the low lying hills surrounding the glassy lake, a fisherman casts his line and it gently breaks the surface, we nod in silent agreement of the peaceful scene still cloudless and orange with the setting sun.

I watch the muddy earth through the shallow water and try to find graceful fishes jetting around stirring up the mud and making small waves on the surface. I am in my happy place, one of millions of them. My legs are up and I am lying down looking straight up at the white moon. Gently floating in complete silence with a slight cool breeze.

4 Responses to “Kayak therapy”

  1. Mindy said

    Poetry. You should put together a well- organized and edited book and publish it. You owe it to the world.

  2. Hesh said

    too lazy

  3. Adriana said

    I already had plans to go kayaking…
    Now I feel it is a “must”.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. sony nex-5 said

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