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Thoughts on the enviornmentalism and the Torah

Posted by Frum Hiker on June 11, 2008

I was just reading a charedi online news publication and in the comments on another article about high gas prices the usual environmentalist bashing was being done. I guess I find it bothersome that Charedi Jews are not more involved in environmentally friendly projects, if respect for life and future life is on the agenda, for some reason environmental issues always come down to cost, and its never about what could be- its always toe the party line. Even the push for alternative energies is cost related- which is fine, but most people would abandon the whole issue if gas prices were to go back below 2 bucks a gallon.

It just seems that our whole existence as Yidden is for olam habah, and we are supposed to shun life on this world for the future. It seems that environmentalism takes the same notes. If you wish to leave this to your future generations- you better stop thinking everything that has a liberal ring to it is bad and start doing little things to try and make a difference.

On that note I am so very proud to say that I have noticed when going to the various garden supply stores around Monsey that Chassidic ladies of all people are the biggest gardeners, I have spoken with some of them about the joys of tomato gardening and such- good to see some people utilizing the land and growing their own food. ok I am just rambling.

3 Responses to “Thoughts on the enviornmentalism and the Torah”

  1. Mindy said

    Go Chassidic ladies! 🙂

  2. redhead said

    I’d love to hear more on this topic – Torah/environmentalism and environmentalism in the charedi world.

  3. Jill said

    Have you heard of Canfei Nesharim? It is an Ortho environmental org. A friend of mine is very involved in it.

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