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Riding the Jungle Habitat trails in NJ

Posted by Frum Hiker on June 5, 2008

I finally road Jungle Habitat in West Milford NJ yesterday. I heard about this trail system about a month back while riding with some ladies in Ringwood., they told me it was short but sweet and for some reason never got around to it and am now wondering why.

Jungle Habitat is an old Safari park that has the hugest abandoned parking lots I have ever seen, there must be spots for a thousand cars. The trails are all single track that run along the woods around this huge parking lot and other abandoned roads. There isn’t anything else abandoned as I had hoped for, I love riding through the woods and coming upon old houses or cars or farming equipment, but here was just woods, darkened woods. The trails are a big mix, but after some searching I was able to complete a loop, there really aren’t many trails, but I road a good loop on what was apparently the red trail- although I didn’t find that out until I was finished and noticed a trail head sign.

I parked right next to the gate with the big wooden sign holder and walked right into the woods next to the fence I then road up hill, some good rock gardens, paths made out of rocks through stream beds and some great switchbacks, all the while riding through lush greenery on a dark sliver of a trails, some slick sections provided a good mix.

I then road out of that trail to the right, past the huge parking lot and on the right is another trail head, it takes a little poking around, but any seasoned rider can figure it out. The next trails was covered in packed down leaves and while at times fast, it had very rocky sections and very smooth sections, a big mix, but solidly fun single track, there are some downed logs to jump and some bigger rocks to roll over and takes a little skill. I had a blast and am going to incorporate this into my regular riding schedule, since it’s the second closest place to ride after Ringwood. I then looked at the trail map on this little bulletin board and realized there were some more trails to ride. I see how it can get boring- since its not a huge trail system, but I rode for a solid hour and twenty minutes and had a blast and I was the only one.

Very easy to get to from Monsey and just incorporate these directions into anything else. I took the Sloatsburg exit off the Thruway and then took the exit off of route 17 for Ringwood – county route 72, I then took that until the only traffic light and took a right, at the end of that road I took a right again and stayed on that road until it forked, take the left fork and immediate left onto airport road. You cannot miss the huge abandoned structure where the trail head is.


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