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My first road ride around Monsey

Posted by Frum Hiker on June 4, 2008

I have been neglecting my road bike for some time now, favoring mountain biking because its so much more fun and close. I also am just plain old scared to ride the streets of Monsey, the drivers for one thing are terrible, match that with hitchhikers, and stray children- combined with loads of potholes- and you can see why riding my road bike seemed crazy.

I wasn’t feeling to well yesterday, but it was one of those beautiful days and I felt like riding in a leisurely sense. So I whipped out the old rode bike pumped the tires to 120psi, threw on my spandex and road through the streets of Monsey, and you know what? It rocked!!!

Thats right, once I got out of my neighborhood- which is right by Maple avenue, it cleared up- I left at about 6pm and returned at 7:30pm. I rode up Union to Viola and then down 306 to 202 and took a right- davened mincha at Kakiat park and then road back up Viola to College and then down Maple to home. 16 miles in total- not bad for a slow paced ride- but it felt damned good to just ride without having to drive anywhere.

So I started looking at other routes and want to start riding down to the Hudson River and around Nyack/Rockland Lake areas- it looks like great riding. The drivers were surprisingly friendly and no one cursed at me- yay!!!


2 Responses to “My first road ride around Monsey”

  1. MS said

    Monsey is one of the worst areas for road cycling in Rockland. Actually, it may be good on Saturday, but on Sunday the traffic is awful. I ride regularly through heavy rush hour traffic in Manhattan, but nothing there is comparable to Route 306 on a Sunday afternoon, because there’s no shoulder and the road is so narrow.

    Nyack and Piermont are the cyclists’ mecca in Rockland. Another popular destination is the Orchards of Concklin at the intersection of Route 45 and South Mountain Rd.

    Off-topis: have you seen this?

  2. Frum Hiker said

    I know, I know- I have to drive every morning to work and am scared driving- I felt like I was back in Israel. Wit that said- it was beautiful once I got to Route 202 and I was looking at riding around Piermont nad Nyack as well.

    Thanks for the link

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