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Yesterday was a perfect day for finding new trails

Posted by Frum Hiker on May 29, 2008

One of the greatest joys of riding for me is finding new trails in places where I regularly ride. Yesterday was one of those days that you are really happy to be alive (for me its every day- except for rush hour on the Garden state parkway maybe) It was clear skies 70 degrees and zero humidity with a slight breeze. It was windows rolled down, Grateful Dead blaring and arm hanging out the window.

It was also the day I found a few loop at my favorite place to ride- Stewart State Forest- otherwise known as the old Stewart Airforce Base or buffer zone- just outside of Maybrook- NY which is smack in the middle of Newburgh and Middletown in Orange county.

I was riding the south end of the park which is located off of route 207- and while I had planned on doing my regular loop, I noticed a trail off to the opposite side of the part I regularly ride, I had never noticed this trail before and I took it. I was happily surprised- for it was a perfect mix of smooth fast singletrack with some super technical rock gardens and jumps. I was pumped and it looped me around into some familiar trails. I normally would have ended my ride then and there- but it was too nice to give up and I ended up chilling by this amazing swamp for 30 minutes or so- just meditating on the beauty and stillness of the water, combined with the activity of all the birds, bugs and jumping frogs- good stuff man.

Then of course I got back to my car as the sun was beginning to get orange- so I decided to take a country drive. I drove down route 207 to route 17A and took that all the way over Mt Peter past sterling forest, found some new hiking trails I would like to trek most notably the Sterling Ridge Trail looks awesome- also found that Greenwood lake may be good for nice kayaking on a weeknight.


One Response to “Yesterday was a perfect day for finding new trails”

  1. Just came across your site, and I think it looks really interesting. We actually just put up a new interview on with Karin Kloosterman, the co-founder of the Israeli environmental website Green Prophet, which might be of interest to you and you readers.

    Keep up the great writing – I’ll definitely be back to check out your blog.

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