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Well rounded is hard to find in the frum community

Posted by Frum Hiker on May 12, 2008

You know I was thinking about how rare it is to find someone in the frum community who is truly well rounded. There are many intellectual folks, people who know lots of facts and can tell you random facts like where the deepest part of the ocean is or where oil was discovered in NY state, but truly well rounded people- the ones who can relate and be friends with multiple groups of people and feel perfectly comfortable is hard to find.

I almost feel gifted in this realm, some would call me a dirty hippie, I would say just dirty- just joking. But truth is I have hung around my fair share of hippies. spent some time in Boulder, San Fran, Burlington, Missoula, Vancouver and the like hanging out with all sorts of fine folks. The types who travel by the thumb and by the rail, the folks who have no idea where they will sleep the next night. The folks who’s eyes light up when you speak of sunsets and mountains, and glaciers and how good the water tastes on the Beartooth Plateau in Montana. I just couldn’t imagine my kollel friends being able to take it. Conversations of meditation and mushrooms, peyote and phish shows.

Then again I have friends who learn in yeshiva full time and have a ball ahnging out with these types. Talking torah and eating oily kugel that their wives made in their 5 square foot kitchen with the babioes crying in the back round and the only thing of value in the house being the becher and the artscroll shas set.

Then I have my post yeshiva rebel friends. The kids who went off and stayed off, they tend to do nothing but talk about snorting anti depressants, playing online poker and picking up hoes. We speak of heavy metal and stern girls, good times.

Then I have my successful friends, the ones who did well and had good times. My good friends did well, they also have lives- enjoy their lives and participate in a variety of activities.

Then you have older folks, outdoors nuts, extreme left wingers/right wingers- I dwell with both- although I have noticed the orthodox racists to be more offensive as I get older.

Ok I have no idea I was going with this- hence this is a personal blog.


6 Responses to “Well rounded is hard to find in the frum community”

  1. stacy said

    you are such an anomaly hesh, I’ll give you that.

    I don’t consider someone who can relate to multiple groups, particularly well rounded. personable, maybe.
    I pretty much interact with every type of group daily, and i think its just something you get used to if you don’t have it naturally.

  2. Leora said

    Thought-provoking post. I like hanging around with a variety of folks, but unfortunately, once you have kids, you get more limited. I really did not enjoy discussing sales on diapers when I had babies in playgroups. So I try to meet new people by blogging.

    If you spent time in Vancouver and met any Wengers, they are probably related to me. Vancouver is beautiful. One of my Vancouver cousins moved to Beit Shemesh. Now that’s an interesting town, too.

  3. s(b.) said

    Take a shower, hippie. I think we may have been cousins in another life. (Not that I believe in other lives, but I think you know what I mean.) You’re a good one, Hesh. Careful not to pat yourself on the back too hard for your adaptability — you might knock yourself over from an untznius lack of humility. I’m only half busting on that one. Maybe I don’t appreciate it as much as I should? Maybe it’s just late and I should’ve gone to bed a while ago.)

    I love the shot of you frenching the snowman on facebook, btw.
    Always use your date’s head as a drink holder. Chicks love that!

  4. M said

    Nice post. I understand this personality, and I think it commendable, because I have this type of personality too.

    Let me ask you a question- do you feel you have to put yourself into one particular group? What do you most identify and resonate with? What group would you want your kids to belong to?

  5. Frum Hiker said

    No I don’t feel I have to place myself into a particular group. There are certain apects of all groups I identify with- I identify with the modern yeshivish crowd, the neo chassidic crowd, hippies, modern orthodox and lubavitch.

  6. M said

    I see. Just wondering.

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