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Driving around the lower Adirondacks

Posted by Frum Hiker on May 12, 2008

I spent a bulk of Sunday driving around the Warrensburg-Sacandaga Lake area. I have not been up in a while and I had to be Albany for shabbos- so I said why not? I did some riding in Saratoga and then I was tired out so I threw on some 80s metal and rolled the windows down and went cruising. It was beautiful and and I just wandered on those limited use highways that go from paved to four wheel drive roads in a matter of minutes.

As I was driving I realized how much I really miss the rural areas of NY state and how dull the driving is in lower NY. Its good for me because gas prices would kill me in Albany- I used to drive at least 1000 miles on any given week. Now I am doing under 200 and I get gas in NJ.

I was really missing small towns and back country houses with no power lines leading to them, and all the junked cars and piles of firewood. I really miss thick pine forests and big mountains, oh and mountain streams- I dont have this where I live. Harriman is great- but its not the Adirondacks.

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