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The wanderings and adventures of an orthodox Jew

Ninham Wildlife Area

Posted by Frum Hiker on May 5, 2008

I have ridden Ninham many times, but yesterday I finally figured out why people actually come here. I used to think that it was another overrated place that received lots of traffic because its only an hour from NYC- but in fact its a massive trail system with loads of twisty single track, stunts and killer climbs. In fact I rode long and hard yesterday and ended up with a pounding headache, from lack of food.

I found a trail with 7 man made drops in a row, I was wishing for my downhill bike to reappear and to get rid of my flimsy 5 inch travel cross country bike. I longed to be sailing through the air with my 8 inch travel Santa Cruz Bullit. Instead I rode up hill and dreamt.

I found all these rock drops and chutes and roots and twisty flat single track. It was very diverse and I was very impressed.

To get to Ninham- from Monsey- Take the Palisades Parkway north- cross the Bear Mountain bridge and turn left at the end- travel north on 9D until Cold Spring and make a right onto route 301 east- take this about 10 miles till you hit Putnam County Route 41 or Gypsy Trail Road- there are two parking lots on your right.

From the city you would take the Taconic parkway north and get off at the exit for 301 and go east- follow the other directions.


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