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I have not posted in a long time- whats been going on

Posted by Frum Hiker on May 1, 2008

Ever since moving downstate to Monsey from Albany I have been slacking on my posting- I think the knowledge that 100 times as many people read my other blog than this one keeps me from devoting too much time to it.

Anyway I have been really taking advantage of the great opportunities around Monsey and have been riding like mad. Ringwood State Park in NJ is 20 minutes drive from work and I have been slowly figuring the place out. Its a complex network of fire roads and single track- the first few times there I got lost and gave up on finding anything good to ride. I rode there last night and finally can say I am versed in the park.

I rode Graham Hills in Westchester county recently and really liked it despite its small size. It has loads of jumps and some killer downhills, oh and it is all singletrack- so there’s no roaming around on roads looking for stuff to ride.

I have been also riding Blue Mountain in Peekskill and Stewart State Forest in Maybrook- both places see me quite a bit. I am still trying to find time to hit up Sprain Ridge Park in Westchester- but the $5 toll on the Tappan Zee prevents me from doing it. In fact the tolls keep me in check- I rarely even go to NY because of tolls and gas prices. I am lucky I live so close to goodness.

I have also been kayaking a bit in Harriman State Park- have been trying to work on my upper body and get that into shape. Road biking has taken a back seat to mountain biking just because of my location. I always complained in Albany about having no trails close by- but always had great long road rides- its the trade off.

I went to Colorado for Pesach- thats for next post


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