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Just rambling about life and getting a job

Posted by Frum Hiker on February 17, 2008

About 1 month ago I decided that it was time to get a real job, I have a real job, I probably should have said- a real career. I just want something that challenges me and allows me to pay off my loans as well. Challenge is important because I hate inactive minds, maybe that’s why I don’t watch much television. I need that sense of excitement from solving problems and improving whatever you are trying to do, that’s why paper pushers in cubicle type tasks never appealed to me.

So naturally I started applying for jobs, and unlike the last time around which was about year or so ago, I narrowed it down to the keywords “manager trainee” it didn’t actually what it was, just that sort of move up in the ranks keyword rubs me the right way. I should preface that until now I had enough dough to get by and take trips and ski and do all the other adventures I do, then a fire was lit under my tuchus that said “dude” you have to get a real full time career so you can do cooler trips. Or maybe it was my want to get married, who knows, on my salary its highly unlikely I can afford to get married.

So I tweaked my resume and busted out some emails, and I actually started to get offers for interviews. Unfortunately I don’t do well on phone interviews, I am a people person. I can do well with customers on the phone, but being interrogated kind of stinks. So I had some of those and then I had these face to face ones and the full day ones- usually for sales type jobs- which I always ace. I would probably do well at sales, but I hate to lie to people and I cannot stand only working for commission, like most that lack of stability scares me- even though I kind of dislike stability- yes its weird.

So I have sort of honed my interview skills, because I started actually liking interviews. I think I am like the anti-normalcy guy or something. I love things people like to hate, besides the dentist, I love shadchuns. Shidduch dating, public speaking and interviews oh and going to random peoples houses and being interrogated usually for shidduch purposes- most people hate these sort of things.

My problem with interviews are they make me realize how immature I am. When they say what are your goals for the next 5 years, I am thinking things like hike the Appalachian Trail, hitchhike the Alaskan Highway and ride cross country on my bike- they are thinking of goals and deadlines and work related things. But to me they are work related, I only want to work so I can take off. Its kind of weird, to me its not vacation. To me work is unreal and the outdoors is real. I do like to work, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the fruits of my labor- immensely.

So I answer cheesy things like being district manager or director of blah blah, whatever- they wouldn’t understand. Even after I get a job I want to withstand the pull of working long hours just for the extra buck. I turned down a couple jobs already because they were 11-12 hour day jobs, in fields I didn’t even like. I am not selling my soul here. I gota eat, but I can eat pasta if I want, I don’t really need the sun dried tomatoes too.

Its just hard for someone as immature as I am, who at 26 has driven to every lower 48 state twice and has pretty much done as much road tripping as even the most experienced road trippers do in their lifetimes. Of course I haven’t accomplished much, but I have no idea what that means either- I feel like Holden Claufield or something , ok I think I’m finished with my rambling


4 Responses to “Just rambling about life and getting a job”

  1. s(b.)/gotv said

    Have you ever thought about going into education? Seriously — there’s a lot to be said for having summers off (like being able to hit the road). And it’s a career, and it comes with things like health insurance, usually, and it’s respectable enough a field to get you married. It’s a lot of work, during the school year, but making a positive impact on kids’ lives is a pretty neat feeling (I help coach kids for the PAL, and it rocks). Not sure if you have a bachelor’s degree, but here’s some NYS info:
    There’s also this place, but their job options seem somewhat limited:
    Nice setting, though!

  2. yipes... said

    yipes! there, there… the job search is hard on anyone.. but do you really have no idea who or where you want to be in five years? You can’t picture what sort of job will light a fire in your passions and have you eager to go to work every day? Maybe imagine yourself doing a good job as househusband? Or maybe think… if in your wildest dreams you could have any job at all… one you’d want to get up and do 80% of the time -what job would it be? I often wonder about it, but it certainly seems like an awful lot of people aren’t making much use or doing as much good of the limited time they have on this earth. Sure I want to hike every 14K and 15K ft tall mountain in the US by the time I’m 60 (which is in 30 years)… and potentially want to do it in a skirt, but I also want to be an expert in my field in 20 years… and that goal requires a lot of work, dedication, and caring. I don’t care as much about salary, though I do care about it. I care that I’ll be able to do a good job and help other people. I care that I’ll live my life ethically and (despite some really long hours at work and some pretty stressful moments) fairly happily. I’d like to write a book, even if it never gets published, of short stories for my friends and family to read. …come on, what are your dreams and passions? Haven’t you known people who have died and thought.. oh, wow, my time is limited.. I have to get going on with my life…

  3. yipes... said

    I had another thought … maybe move to a small town and build an eruv? (I went and did that actually. LOL) or go work for Creative Zionism? or go for a job where you can volunteer to help inner city kids go on hikes? maybe work at a non-profit that helps clean hiking trails?

  4. Frum Hiker said

    Well my biggest issue with the job search is that I refuse to live in NYC, but the issue with that is unlike many people my age I have bills and loans and all sorts of stuff I will paying off for years. So working at Isabella Freedman type jobs- I have looked at every outdoor opportunity under the sun- is unthinkable. I have to make at least 1000 bucks a month to cover my expenses, and that is paying the minimum payments I owe. Most outdoors instructor jobs are great sounding but to support a frum family on 2 grand a year is insane. While I love the outdoors I also like talking to people, and working with my head in terms of my imagination. Advertising, internet marketing and direct sales all appeal to me as well- that is what I Have interviews for in the coming weeks. I also have theories on where I wnat to live and then eventually move.

    I would love to live in Monsey, I know crazy right!!! Well not so, all the best mountain biking in the NY-NJ area is within 1 hour, I am minutes away from Harriman state park- which has my favorite kayaking and xc skiing in the state and I am surrounded by frummies which means I can hopefully take my comedy career up. Thats really my dream, to able to support myself by making people laugh. Ok no more ranting.

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