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Riding in the winter gets me to cough and weeze

Posted by Frum Hiker on January 27, 2008

Sp erev shabbos yesterday I decided to work up appetite and go for a short ride, it was 31 degrees so it wasn’t too bad. I picked a short ride just about 11 miles in 45 minutes or so through some rolling farmland not far from my house. It started off all nice until I realized that my short was riding up my bike and freezing my tuchus off. I must give kudos to whoever thought of windproof fleece though.

By the time I was up to 7 miles or so I was doing the classic weezing that accompanies all winter rides, due to the cold air constricting the lungs. I tried my buddy Jacobs trick of breathing through the nose and out through the mouth so the air is sort of warmed, it didn’t work. It did feel great to be on my bike finally, and due to the lack of snow suitable for xc-skiing, I haven’t had any great workouts in some time.

Looks like I will be doing to winter hiking tomorrow though, and it should be interesting, may even take my snowshoes.


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