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Yesterdays wanderings…

Posted by Frum Hiker on January 23, 2008

So yesterday I had some free time and decided to check out some abandoned stuff that I knew existed already. Every time I drive on Route 32 north of New Paltz about halfway to Kingston, I drive down this hill which takes you past all this limestone outcroppings, and into the town of Rosendale. I have always sen this really interesting formation and until yesterday had never stopped to take a closer look.

Right away I could tell that the formation was not natural, and looked as if it were a mine of some sort. It was essentially a huge cave filled partially with water which was frozen and very col looking considering the the way the sun was reflecting on it. After several pictures and wandering around inside the caves someone kicked me out saying that it was for my safety, he confirmed that the formations were limestone mines which were used to make Rosendale Cement which was used to make the Brooklyn Bridge. He told me that a little up the road on route 213 there was a mine that was much larger and was 3 levels. I found it later on but the no trespassing signs and rather chilly wind was enough of a deterrence.

Then a bit later I was driving north on Route 9w of Saugerties and noticed an abandoned brick house up the sides of one of the hills far enough away from any road to make it worth my while, meaning it had to abandoned for a while. Sure enough, after a short hike across some railroad tracks and through a bunch of thorny bushes I came across the house with a few abandoned cars scattered about one from the 80s and one from 70s.

The house was gutted and filled with old newspapers, but I walked along the old road bed that led to the house and discovered an old dump and sifted through the contents to try and find old bottles and anything of interest, I found half of an old Ford buried up one of the hills and tried to figure out where the old road came from and went and when it may have been abandoned.

I have some pictures I wil post of these two interesting things I went to yesterday.

One Response to “Yesterdays wanderings…”

  1. yipes... said

    This one sounds really cool. 🙂 You know, maybe you could put together a photo book of interesting places to explore and hike…? That might amuse you some.

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