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First big snow of the season

Posted by Frum Hiker on December 14, 2007

I wouldn’t call it a big storm, but we received at least 8 inches of white stuff today, and I watched the whole thing dump during work. It seemed like the second I left work, it stopped, that sucked. I love walking in the snow, especially when its coming down strong, blowing all over the place making these way cool snow drifts. I always debate whether to break the virgin white snow, or let it be.
It may have stopped but that didnt stop me from getting a great workout and having loads of fun after I got of work at 8pm tonight. First I shoveled my driveway, the snow is of moderate weight so I broke a good sweat and made my arms ache. I hate going for weeks on end without raising my heart rate or breaking a sweat. I really needed this, I saved the other half of driveway for tomorrow.

Then I whipped out my cross country skis and donned some windproof fleece and went out side in the beautiful clear 20 degree night, in fact there was no wind, I started sweating like mad, about 10 minutes into my skiing. I skid around the local college campus and like always I had people screaming at me, they sound like people under water because I can never understand a word they say. I just continue along peacefully enjoying my self. I love the solitude that snow offers, it soaks up sound and reflects light, making night hiking and skiing a pleasure. I especially like to ski frozen lakes, only sharing them with the occasional night ice fisherman. During the day there are always too many sledders and trucks with folks tailgating and ice fishing- not my sort of thing- I come outside for silence, for time away from cell phones, Ipods, computers and people in general. Cross country skiing and snowshoeing can get you lost in your thoughts, and helps you meditate on the now, no running, just peaceful thoughts.

I purposefully headed to the woodsier part of the campus and marveled at the snow bent pine trees, their green needles and cones sticking out from under the snow that was bending their branches over, I really like the trees and wish I had my camera, they were beautiful, I am sure the snow will either fall off from wind or be pushed off by students messing around. It is gone a distant memory now, maybe I will walk there tomorrow night in honor of shabbos.


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