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Winter has arrived

Posted by Frum Hiker on December 2, 2007

Last night I was casually looking at the weather online and noted the winter weather advisory in bright red. I immediately checked my cities weather, since I was in NYC at the time and saw to my glee that the entire area of upstate NY and VT was going to be engulfed in the season first winter storm. I suddenly packed my things and literally busted out of NYC to come back home a day early.

Everyone knows that the first snow event of the season has the worst accidents and freaks the hell out of everyone so that they crowd Wal Marts and grocery stores in search of de-icing products, shovels and new windshield wipers. I already started scheming about where I would ski on my next off day which was Tuesday. Hunter has real close Tuesday where tickets are half off for the surrounding counties, but then again the most terrain open near me Killington has the most trails.

This afternoon was my first driving with covered roads, I am already in “grab the e-brake” give me a 360 mode and I had some fun skidding on the empty sunday roads today. Unfortunately I need my new glasses and until then I cant see for shit.

I am going to wax my two pairs of skis tonight and whip out all of my winter clothing for preparation. I am already missing my bike and debating getting a trainer to keep me in shape.


3 Responses to “Winter has arrived”

  1. Shoshana said

    Is this one of those spam messages you should delete?
    I have to admit that I’ve never really spent much time around really Frum females, and now that I am starting to, I’m realizing that my interests are way off from there’s. I love being outside, and I know how to work things so I maintain my modesty; I just don’t understand how girls can give up being outdoors. I always recommend trying everything once unless it’s striclty prohibited ie pork but you could find some turkey bacon instead.

  2. Frum Hiker said

    Well I dont know either, I have met many a BT in my day who said that hiking and doing active things were simply untznius, I wanted to punch her in the face. It bothered me that someone could put such BS into their heads. If anything its even more tznius since your alone with Gods creations rather then focusing on material things and being around tons of random people you are alone or with a few good friends that is all.

  3. Shoshana said

    That’s really fascinating. Do you know what their justifications were for hiking as untznius? I’ve never heard that before.

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