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Fall Foliage Hikes of the week

Posted by Frum Hiker on October 15, 2007

Every fall I say that Autumn is my favorite season, the crunchy leaves, crisp air and Indian summer all come to mind, the threat of snow at the end of fall and the diverse weather patterns also make it such a great season for the outdoorsman. I tend to hike most during the fall, ordinary hikes that would have been boring in the winter or summer seasons, come alive with the colors on the trees and opened up views. The bugs are gone and the air is crisp which always works to get the sweat off your brow.

In the past week I was able to get away with 2 short hikes; both of them could have been longer if not for prior arrangements which took me to those spots. The first hike was in the high peaks region of the Adirondacks, where I had to appear in traffic court last Wednesday and the second hike was located in the Catskills, hen I was on the way to New York.

The fall is hit or miss in the Adirondacks, the weather changes fast and rain is common, while it may be sunny downstate. I was able to hike up part of the Giant Mountain Trail last week to gain some gorgeous views of the high peaks and amazing fall foliage sights and smells. I crunched my up this rather short and rewarding hike, it is steep, but well worth the painful rise in altitude above Route 73.

Instead of going all the way up Giant Mountain which is also relatively short at only 3.0 miles each way, but with an ascent of 3000 feet or so I headed up the same trail to the Nubble as they call it. On the way, you pass some amazing views and if need be you can literally hike less then a mile to the washbowl and call it a day, or shall I say hour. The washbowl is a beautiful little lake with towering cliffs and mountains in the back of it. If you choose to continue to the Nubble a total of 1.4 miles each way, you are rewarded with superb views of the washbowl as well as the high peaks to the south and east.

I also hiked to Giant Ledge in the Catskills, are we noticing a theme? Giant Ledge is on the way up to Slide Mountain, the Catskills tallest peak. Giant Ledge is by far the shortest most rewarding hike in the Catskills, ¾ of a mile takes you to a soaring cliff overlooking the highest mountains in the Catskills and during foliage season which is peaking any day now, I definitely recommend getting out there.

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