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50 mile ride in Otsego County

Posted by Frum Hiker on September 25, 2007

I had the oportunity to ride a beautiful area yesterday in Otsego County- which is home to Cooperstown. I started on route 166 going south from Cherry Valley NY. I had looked on my topo maps for a great area that was relatively flat since I wanted to cover some distance and view some of upstate NY in its initial stages of foliage change. The trees in some areas are changing to gold, but I even spotted some bright reds and oranges.

A note cyclists, route 166 is going to be getting stoned and oiled, and all of you rural roadies know what that means- the mayhem starts on the 24th of this month.

So I rode on this beuatiful sliver of blacktop that is 166, past barns, cornfields and low lying hills that bounded both sides of the road. I knew that in order to make a loop I would have to go up some steep hills, but it wouldnt be for a while. In fact I rode all the way into Milford, 17 miles without any hills longer then a couple hundred feet. I averaged 18.7 miles during that ride. I then turned onto route 28 north and rode a moderately hilly 8 miles into Cooperstown. I love Cooperstown, so I rode down its wide side streets and gazed at the beautiful old mansions. I then sat by Otsego lake and chilled for a bit.

The greatest thing about this area is that there are many north-south loops. The hills to connect the loops are tough, but the pristine countryside is worth it. I then rode north on route 80 on the west side of Otsego lake. Good shoulders and light traffic greeted me on this ride. I then turned on county route33 and rode up a long gradual hill in the fading light. Then down the hill, halfway down the pavement ended, but the dirt was smooth enough even for my narrow 23c road tires. I rode past an amazing old stone mill and some open fields and streams.

I then hit a road and took a left to bring me to Route 20 going east. Another quick right onto county route54 that goes right into the village of Cherry Valley and I was back to my car. Well actually it was a grueling up hill and then a white knuckle downhill. all in all I covered 50 miles.


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