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My first time riding in Delaware was amazing

Posted by Frum Hiker on August 20, 2007

I was in Phily, PA for shabbos staying at my buddy Brels house. He mentioned that instead of riding the traditional we always ride whenever I come down to Phily, that we go to this place in Delaware his co=worker had told him about. I love riding nes spots so I offered to drive and we headed south to Newark DE for the ride.

We rode a park called Middle Run State Park. About a 45 minute drive from Phily and well worth the trip. Fast is the key when riding here- the trails are very hard pack and contain little in the way of roots or rocks- which means bliss in the form of crazy fast single track. It began to rain when we unloaded our bikes from the roof of my car, but that didnt deter us.

Immediately we noticed how amazing the trails were, fast indeed, and twisty and full of jumps and man made obstacles. I noticed that there were these lumps of earth by every tree- I assumed they were to protect the roots from common rider damage. Did not bother me at all, in fact they created the sickest table tops when bombing down the trails.

The scenery was great too, one minute we would be riding through dense forest, the next we were rolling through open fields- in which you could see the thin sliver of yellow earth snaking its way a mile ahead of you. We rode trails through cornfields, past old barns and around small ponds.

They also have a skills section in which there are teeter totters and north shore style bridges, everything was pretty easy and fun. Many small jumps are built into the trails- mostly out of downed logs- these jumps are built so they can be rolled or launched. Berel and I chose the latter. Our long travel bikes soaking up the impact and allowing us for smooth landings.

I would have to say this was one of the most fun trail systems I have ridden on the east coast. The bumps reminded me of the A-Line trail at Whistler and the open fields reminded me of Sun Valley Idaho. There are no crazy uphills and the descents are all memorable. Best of all- it is just of I-95 on the way to my frequent trips to Baltimore.


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