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Mondays Ride was one of nicest I have ever taken

Posted by Frum Hiker on August 1, 2007

I decided to ride in the south eastern portion of Delaware County. I had looked at my topo maps and decided that the route I wanted to take would be amazingly beautiful and mostly flat. I got more then I bargained for, I got both and more. I started out in Hancock NY- which is a beautiful old town to walk around if you ever get the chance.

I started out by going north on route 268, the road is mostly flat and once out of town it is almost empty, the shoulder is mostly smooth besides for some portions that are being worked on. The road is amazing, you pas a few old barns and tons of flowing fields and several creeks. The general atmosphere is tranquil and it also smells great.

Towards the end of route 268, you come to a huge downhill, it is smooth without many bumps so I let my brakes go and went screaming down at 50 miles per hour, so fast that bugs smattered on my arms and my eyes began to tear. After that is one short and steep uphill followed by another quick downhill. At the end f the road you break out into a huge valley with Cannonsville reservoir stretching for miles in both directions. It is truly an amazing site after riding through the woods for 10 miles.

The reservoir is a bit low and fields are popping up on its shores below the treeline. The views are amazing and just keep coming, the lake is surrounded by low lying hills and marshes. I took a left at the end of 268 onto route 10 south. There was a sign that said Deposit 14 miles or if you go the other way towards Walton it is 10 miles. Both ways can be ridden into a loop. If riding to Walton you can take 30 south and continue back to Hancock on old route 17.

The shoulder of route 10 is phenomenal and amazingly fast, I just cruised at 15-18 mph enjoying the scenery at low speeds. On one side was the huge lake glistening in the setting sun and on the other were multiple fields and marshes that were mostly drained because of the low water level.

I rode for about 6 miles until I cam to my cutoff, which is located right after a huge curve in the road which takes you over a bridge. After the bridge is what looks to be an old road going right into the water. Upon further inspection I decided that the road was flooded when the Cannonsville dam was built. I sat on the tip of the road right by the water which was gently lapping at my feet. I downed a protein bar and davened mincha in honor of the beauty I was surrounded by.

I then continued a bit on route 10 to County Route 67 which would take me right into Hancock and back to my car. CR67 starts out as this huge steep uphill, I gave up a quarter of the way up and walked it the rest of the way. The whole way up which was very long I complained about the length and wondered if there were many more hills. I was pleasantly surprised when I mounted my bike to go downhill, I waited for the end of the down hill which was very fast- but it never came. CR67 is pretty much an 8 m ile long downhill that allows you to pedal in top ring the whole time. Add to this relatively smooth pavement and some amazing scenery and it makes the prefect end to an already awesome loop.

CR67 passes by multiple hilly fields and farms, I passed by several camps and a lake as well, before dropping into the village of Hancock where the devastation from past floods still shows with several newly built dyke’s along the fast moving creek on the side of the road.

This was one of my best loops ever in terms of smoothness beauty and multiple options. In all it was 30 miles, but if one were to go further on route either way they could make it much longer. I as thinking about going to Deposit and then going north on Route 8 which appears to be very flat as well. Then you have other options to go back east and then south again.

If you know of any other mostly flat and beautiful loops in the Catskills let me know.

One Response to “Mondays Ride was one of nicest I have ever taken”

  1. GP said

    Memories what memories… as an ultrarunner, now gone endurance riding on thoughbred mare, grew up in New York… Spent many a summer in the catskills living in Pine Hill NY Now keepin’ kosher and innkeeping in montana Keep screamin’ down those hills

    happy trails
    gp in montana

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