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Seeking information about old square factory chimney Parksville- NY

Posted by Frum Hiker on July 24, 2007

I was wandering some back roads in Sullivan County today and came across a very tall square industrial chimney which was sticking out of the brush off of Cooley Road near Parksville. I am trying to find out any sort of history surrounding this location. As some of you may know, I am a big fan of anything industrial especially factory ruins. I enjoy photographing it and figuring out what was there at one point. Cities like Buffalo and Detroit are my playgrounds, though wandering ruins can be dangerous as well as freaky. In NY state the hudson valley features lots of ruins and old buildings scattering the shores.

To come across something like this far away from any industrial center is rare. I know of one abandoned mill on the shores of the Delaware- north of Narrowsburg on Route 97. Its actually a beautiful building and mostly in tact save for the roof. Red brick with Romanesque arches all around, and visible ducts where the mills power used to run through underneath its massive structure.

This factory remnant in Parksville is removed from any source of hydro power, no roads lead to it save for a trail developed by the DEC for fishing. Upon close inspection the chimney looks resembles that of a small blast furnace. It is made of short red bricks, the small tiny kind in a normal pattern. The bricks are not named, but scattered about the site are loose bricks with the name “Hedges” stamped on one side.

I noticed there were several iron bars sticking up here and there, and there were two large round barrel sort of things stuck into the ground. Like massive round wooden flowerpots. It was interesting, they were filled with water and about 4 feet deep. The trees and overgrowth around the site appeared to be about 50 years old, no old growth trees, but relatively thick birch and oak dotted the area.

The chimney itself was the type with an inner core, leading me to believe that it was the part of a kiln for making bricks. Some bricks have fallen down revealing an inner core and an outer core. On the bottom of the chimney are several arches which open up to the inside.

If anyone has any sort of information on this ruin I would love to hear it. History, old pictures, anything.

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One Response to “Seeking information about old square factory chimney Parksville- NY”

  1. mark b said

    the large chimney you saw in parksville is from a tannery. the area has a few of them. one of the more famous is in claryville, not far from grahamsville. bye…

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