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Dear Hotel Saranac: Your Pillows Suck

Posted by Frum Hiker on July 20, 2007

Dear Hotel Saranac:

I was excited to be staying at your historic hotel for this entire week. I was even more excited when I arrived and found my bed stacked with four pillows and beautiful quilts that were smooth and not rough on the inside like most chain motels. I loved the toilet with its extremely powerful flush and the old world tiling, as well as the deep bathtub. I enjoyed the little basket of soaps and shampoos that came with my room and they have all been taken and deposited into the bottom of my duffel bag.

I was paid good money to be up here and my room was paid for as well, so its not as if I spent my own money to stay here. I expected to come back after a full work day followed by a 40 mile bike ride, or a 4 hour paddle down the Raquette River to a nice cozy bed and a great nights sleep, but you know what?

Those four pillows were worth about as much as a roll of that thin toilet paper you find in restrooms along highways. THEY SUCKED and they prevented me from having a single good nights sleep. They were soft enough for a baby to be born into, but they did not do their job, which is to cradle my head above the bed, and not suck it down between multiple layers of cotton and feathers. Two of them acted like one big soft pillow. Three of them and you had an aching neck, and one of them was like sleeping with a towel folded once over under my head.

Such a shame to waste such a beautiful hotel, one that has one of the old cutler mail chutes made in Rochester, one that has a beautiful old mens club on the second floor and good adequate free parking that one needn’t walk through a maze of room service equipment to get to.


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