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Nice 40 mile ride around Saranac Lakes region

Posted by Frum Hiker on July 19, 2007

I gotta say that the shoulders in most of the Adirondacks are extremely smooth and wide for riding a bicycle on. Despite having extremely cold winters and tons of snow they remain smooth after the destructive plows rage through the back roads clearing them of snow and usually producing potholes- at least thats what the Albany area has.

As a newly formed road rider I have taken to the task of memorizing which roads have good shoulders matched with good scenery and low traffic. I have noticed that Routes 30 and 3 are the best roads in the Adirondacks to ride on. They are wide, and offer great views as well as pass by many lakes, swamps and rivers. In fact Route 30 I would venture to say is probably the best road to ride on a north-south axis of NY state. In the Catskills and the Sacandaga regions Route 30 has a smooth and wide shoulder as well as great views.

I have noticed that if I ride one way on a road and turn around I never ride as far and am less likely to push harder- since the scenery will be the same on the way back. Yesterday I rode my bike north on route 86 until I hit route 186 which cuts a path across and through a bunch of lakes and then hooks up with route 30. The shoulder on route 186 had several large holes and some gravel so watch out. Luckily I had just pumped my tires 700×23 up to 120 psi- I was riding on 80psi the other day and was wondering why I was riding so slow.

The only town you pass through is Lake Clear Junction- not really a town just an excuse for a couple old school overpriced gas stations and a car or boat mechanic. I rode on 186 till 30 south and then back to Saranac on Route 3 going east. I covered 39.5 miles at an average speed of 16.7 mph. I have no idea if that is fast or not by the way- being a complete newbie. In fact I get these looks for wearing my mountain bike shoes and camel back- with a non-fancy Jersey.

Route 30 by the way is amazing because it was so flat and fast- with avery smooth shoulder- besides for a few slowing down for bridje joints I was cruising at speeds of 21-24 mph constantly. Route 3 was a bitch and hilly as hell with some big ones. Overall a great ride with great pine smells and great scenery.

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