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What have I been doing the last few weeks

Posted by Frum Hiker on July 18, 2007

I have neglected this blog and I am sorry, I cannot help but ride, hike, kayak and wander whenever I get the chance. They call me the wanderer or The Ramblin man should be my songs. I have been able to ride and kayak a few new spots due to work and shidduch dates.

I had the opportunity to date a girl in New Hampshire last week. She was leading a group of girls in some sort of conservationist-tree hugger camp through Bear Brook State park. Coincidentally or not I have been hearing about the riding in this park for years and was excited to ride it inadvertently by having to date someone who happned to be located within the park.

Bear Brook State Park is located near Concord, NH and it is simply amazing. The trails are very complex and twisty and rooty. The bugs will eat you alive, but the scenery is amazing and the amount of riding is pretty good. There are many swamps and I even got stuck up to my knee in quick sand. The problem is that the trails are not marked very well, so finding the single track amongst the double track horse paths can be daunting.

I had the have been riding many of my regular spots with some longer rides mixed in, this past week I rode Ninham Mountain which is located in Putnam County just outside of Carmel. It is a gorgeous place, with a good mix of riding. My favorite thing about it is the thick pine forests that you ride through. There are also plenty of small jumps off of slanted up flat rocks and some great windy downhills.

I have also been kayaking quite a bit in Harriman State Park when I venture downstate- the lakes are amazing and quite diverse there with tons of islands, rocks to jump off and channels from lake to lake. The lack of motor boats and jet skis makes it very inviting- during the week especially.

I have also been road riding a lot. I went on my first ride with someone else. I was in Baltimore a couple weeks ago and I rode with this guy Jacob who used to race road. We rode 35 miles with him way ahead the whole time- riding his $5000 scott carbon bike. It was great to spin with a partner and the scenery was all this beautiful rolling farmland on the Pennsylvania- Maryland border.


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