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The road to many waterfalls is very fun to drive

Posted by Frum Hiker on July 5, 2007

Figured I would tell all you fine folks that there exists a road that is not far from the center of Jewish life for the summer that contains some amazing spots for swimming, hiking and pictures. I would call it waterfall road- but to most its known as Ulster County Route 42. It is located off of Route 55A which is off Route 55.

Go north on route 42 from Woodbourne to Grahamsville and then take a right on 55 going east, then take a left on 55A and go straight onto Route 153 when 55A makes a sharp turn by a bridge. Route 153 which is a county route will turn into route 42.

On the right side of this road are many waterfalls- its easy to find them since the only place where the water can run is directly under the road- so whenever you go over a small bridge just look to your left and walla.


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