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I am a Mormon when it comes to bikes

Posted by Frum Hiker on May 27, 2007

I love bikes its that simple, I love their simplicity and what joy they can give someone by taking them places under their own power. The stuff that can be seen on roads traveled by car everyday, while riding a bike is amazing. The trails and the back country that are explored and the rough terrain that a car or dirt bike cannot get to can always be ridden by an experienced mountain biker, but bikes are like wives- they must be chosen carefully and one is never enough. I am not saying I lack commitment- but with regards to bikes I definitely condone the Mormon and old school sephardi way of living.

The other day my third bike came in the mail, for the first time in my life I own a road bike. I never actually thought I would own one of these super slick skinny wheeled speedsters, but after I started riding my mountain bike on the road I craved the ability to go farther and faster in a more suitable fashion. If you would have told me any number of years ago to buy a road bike I would scoffed at you pointing out its non-versatility and stating that I would rather just have a mountain bike in case a trail came up that led off the road and I wanted to explore it. I would have ranted about a roads bike inability to ride dirt and gravel roads and its flimsiness.

As of last Wednesday I own a 18.40 pound road bike with carbon cranks, ultegra parts and a very nifty American classic wheel set. 20 speeds and all muscle propel this thing to the upper 20mph zone on flat ground very easily. Along with this spandex driven light weight machine I have a rather heavy bike built for riding skateparks, dirt jumps and urban obstacles. I also have a full suspension cross country bike that is and probably will remain the most used bike of the three- though who knows what will happen when I can start riding 50 miles a day on my road bike- this bike is used for all my trail riding and prior to my recent purchase all my rural rode riding.


2 Responses to “I am a Mormon when it comes to bikes”

  1. Donal said

    A friggin road bike?


    I can’t believe you jumped the shark already! Plus – and I don’t want to get all frummier-than-thou, but I think David could teach the Mormons a thing or two about polygamy.

  2. Most of my friends called me a sell out when I sold my downhill bike for a cross country bike. I used to rant and rave about how 8 inches of travel was the only way to go. Then all of the sudden I realized after riding my roommates cross country bike- how much fun I was missing by not being able to ride any trails that went slightly up hill. After all a 40 pound bike with 3 inch tires was only made for jumping stair gaps, off roofs and down ski hills- which I miss dearly- and one of these days f I ever make some dough will get back into.

    The road bike is next to two mountain bikes and those are not going anywhere- dont worry. Its not like I went out and bought road shoes and a bunch of overpriced techwick shirts they call road jerseys.

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