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The beginning of my seat belt tan line

Posted by Frum Hiker on May 25, 2007

The road is unfurling at 55 miles per hour as I shift between fourth and fifth gears, trying to use the angled turns to my advantage. My bikes are on the roof whistling in the wind, and my arm is flung loosely out the window making waves in the wind. Sweat dripping from my brow as I bob my head to some 80s metal. The trees are lush and in the distance although hazy I can see the southern Adirondacks. My shirt is off and my bare back sticks to the towel hung over my seat.

Hunting cabins, abandoned motor homes and a few farming relics litter the mostly empty roadside. I am alive and loving it. Summer is here, the sweat and the sun and the start of my seat belt tan line. Loud music, bikes and kayaks stacked on the roof and camping gear in the trunk. I am already thinking where to backpack in the coming weeks and scanning the many lakes and streams for swimming holes and kayak launching spots.


One Response to “The beginning of my seat belt tan line”

  1. Donal said

    Great post.

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