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A most beautiful road

Posted by Frum Hiker on May 9, 2007

Washington County Route 16 is amazing. It is a county road with little traffic that runs from the village of Fort Ann in the south east corner of Adirondack Park- into a dead end intersection at some amazing waterfalls. It is one of the nicest roads in NY state I would venture to say- that is for riding, not driving.

The road cuts across a very fertile valley in between two mountain ranges that are literally 2 miles apart. On both sides of the narrow road lie rolling farmland, plow lines stretching as right up to the rolling mountain edges. Several large old barns sit with rusting equipment and bales of hay lay strewn across the lush green fields. A few cows here and there bask in the sunlight and their calves mooing away in the afternoon slanting sun rays.

The road is not very long and until the end, the hills are very manageable in middle gears. The shoulder is not wide- but the lack of traffic and dead end is reason enough to be care free in the light traffic setting. I parked in the village of Fort Ann where County Route 16 intersects with Route 4 North.

About 1/2 mile past the fire station on your right is a stream- if you strain your neck- or listen closely- you will hear a thundering drop of water- a small path leads to this beautiful secluded waterfall- a very good spot to have lunch or just chill. The road opens up after a couple miles and both sides have amazing views of the hills and mountains that abruptly rise out of the valley. The farmland and the mountains make for a great ride and every few minutes I passed children waving to me as their fathers mowed their 3 acre lawns without shirts on top of John Deere riding mowers. Dogs barked and cows mooed, several cars passed me- all giving me ample room by going around me in the other lane. The road has recently been paved and is a nice ride- and my mountain bike tires hummed noisily down the road.

I stopped under a stand of pines next to an aging barbed wire fence and had a protein bar. I sat there listening to the gentle breeze sway the pines and the tall uncut grass in the large field in front of me. I heard the purr of a diesel tractor in the distance- probably getting ready for the start of growing season with the end of nightly frosts and I sat and watched as the shadows grew long and the orange orb of sun passed below the top of the mountain range to my west.


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