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I am buying a road bike!!!

Posted by Frum Hiker on May 6, 2007

So I never thought the day would come when yours truly would buy a road bike. I always felt the non-versatility of the road bike was pointless and that I could just as easily ride my mountain bike on the road. I have done that for years, but this year I started riding every day for 10-20 miles depending on my time and I really like it. I want to be able to go farther, don’t get me wrong, I have done up to 80 mile rides on my mountain bike. But I always come back really tired and beat up.

Then my accountant told me I am getting $1200 back this year and I decided a road bike would be a great new toy. So I have been shopping around for one for some time. I have been dreaming about how much further I could ride with a 19lb bike instead of 30lbs. Well I have been told that 19lbs is heavy for a road bike.

I have also found that decent road bikes are way cheaper then decent mountain bikes. I decent mountain bike is at least $1500 but a decent road bike can be had for less then a thousand. Then I came across this site which sounded too good to be true. They are selling bikes with top of the line parts for half off of retail. They make all these claims and it just seems like a scam. Then of course I went to road bike review and many people who reviwed these brands of bikes bought them from this store- confirming the realness of the site.

This has made me overjoyed at the fact I will be buying a top of the line lightweight bike G-d willing.


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