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Getting back in shape for the summer season

Posted by Frum Hiker on April 23, 2007

So the lack of snow this winter meant that my primary means of staying in shape through cross country skiing and snowshoeing never really happened. Even though I skid 15 days- downhill skiing just doesn’t work the muscles the way the other sports do. So I have this stomach that wasn’t around 4 months ago.

So in the midst of flooded trails I have taken to riding on the road. Yes I know some mountain bikers would call me a sell out, but I actually enjoy the road rides immensely. I love being out on the road 25 miles away from home- knowing that the ultimate in renewable energy propelled me to this point.

Right outside my door is a great 11 mile loop with some nice long ascents that really cause your legs to burn. Granny gear ascents. In the last few weeks I have been trying to get in a good 10-20 miles if it was nice out, warmth needn’t matter- just the sun and a light breeze.

This past weekend and actually just now I got to really see that all this road riding is whipping me into a shape. I had the privilege to ride in Harriman State Park this past Thursday and Sunday- I have to say I am loving the riding there. The diversity of the land is amazing- even compared to the more rural areas upstate. The high amount of lakes and streams, combined with rocks strewn everywhere make this place my new favorite place to ride- which is great because anytime I go downstate- I could throw in a quick road ride to the mix. Unfortunately trail riding is illegal- but no worries- since nearby there are tons of legal trails.

I rode on Thursday night- it was beautiful and warm- I rode about 16 miles- and realized that I was getting in better shape- refusing to dismount even for the longest hills. Last night I was on my way back from Baltimore and I decided to stop at the park. It was over 8- degrees and my first day of comfortable shorts and t-shirt wearing. I rode for almost 2 hours ad covered 20 miles. About half way through the ride- I realized that I was pounding up these long ascents in my middle ring. It was great encouragement and just kept riding incredibly fast up these long steep hills in hard gear.

It was great because it was late in the day around 6pm and the only people around were the quiet and lazy fisherman – just sitting back in their flat bottomed bass boats and chilling with one hand on the pole and the other on an ice cold bear. Small ripples from the wake of their boats was the only movement on the placid surfaces of the dozens of large lakes that dot the park.


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  1. Alex said


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