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NJ Jewish News writes an article about Jews pursuing outdoors activities

Posted by Frum Hiker on April 15, 2007

I love to rant about how frum yidden do not take enough advantage of the natural world around them and would rather hang out in Woodbourne eating Dougies food all summer long then roam around the miles of trails right out their bungalow doors. I am always raving about how hard it is to find some mountain biking or hiking partners- especially a marriage partner. Or about the lack of respect for the natural environment by bringing cellphones, I-pods and other digital devices where they shouldn’t be. I also always wonder why large Jewish news sources or websites are not devoted to such things as the wondrous outdoors. The one place that has not been polluted by scantly clad women on billboards and materialistic matters. The great outdoors is a truly a 100% kopsher activity for Klal Yisroel. With that said the New Jersey Jewish news has a great article about this very subject in which yours truly is duly mentioned a few times. The person who wrote the article contacted me and interviewed me after reading this blog and my frumsatire blog. Click here to read the article.


2 Responses to “NJ Jewish News writes an article about Jews pursuing outdoors activities”

  1. Donal said

    Re: technology in the forest… I can grok what you’re saying, so… what do you ride? A rigid singlespeed? No brakes?

    A big part of what I love about the forest is the noise in there, which is a particular kind of not-quite-silence, but I like me my bike-geek brakes and shocks.

  2. Obviously I am not anti all technology and if you want you can go rock your i-pod or cell phone while you are riding- do whatever you want.

    Ah so your gonna hound me based on my bike being technological eh. I knew it would come to this. If that argument were taken up I would have to lose on some accounts. One of my bikes is an 8 speed hardtail with just a middle ring up front and a rear brake- but being as I built this for dropping stuff and dirtjumping it is hardly a single speed.

    And for my main ride I do ride a dually with 5 inches of travel on both ends. Hydro brakes and all the cool lockouts and such- so yes I have a technologically advanced bike.

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