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I skid Friday on 10 inches of fresh powder- in April!!!

Posted by Frum Hiker on April 8, 2007

I had the oppurtuny to ski in such unlikely conditions this past friday that I just have to tell you all. All the snow is gone around my area and it has been a good solid 50 degrees every day. Thursday and Friday were cold and snow flurries found their way into the atmosphere. I had the birght idea of going skiing on Friday. I figured from there I would continue on to Providence-RI for shabbos.

I figured I would ski until boredom hit and then leave. Well I got to Stratton Mountain in VT and I was shocked at the conditions- first of all it was cold- in the teens. It was bright sunny and there was fresh snow all over the place. You could tell it was fresh by the amount on the trees especially above 2500 feet.

I hopped on the gondola and went into action. There was fresh groomed and luckily ungroomed snow everywhere with no ice to be seen or crunched over. I had forgotten my goggles and hoped it wouldn’t snow.

Of course about two hours into my half day the clouds broke loose tons of snow and I had to ski like a squinting Asian- it worked though and I skid amazingly. I carved up the sides in jerky quick carves and rocked the cruisers carving all the way across in huge arcs whipping up clouds of snow spray.

I was overwhelemd at the amazing conditions and the lack of crowds- I was very greatful- but unfortunately with shabbos approaching I had to get going at about 12pm. Amazing considering I had put my skis away for the season two weeks ago.


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