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Kosher Restaurant and Minyan Locations for your GPS

Posted by Frum Hiker on April 2, 2007

While I am purist and dislike GPS systems and favor usage of maps and compass- someone alerted me to this wonderful service for your GPS- I understand I am somewhat of a technophobe and old school snob- and I also understand that due to societies laziness and unwillingness to learn how to read maps and books the onslaught is inevitable.

With that said there is a site which has 1000 kosher restaurant locations along with locations of minyanim around the US. These files are available for download from this site for a fee of $18- not bad at all- if you sold out and bought one of these devices. Click Here for the site.


2 Responses to “Kosher Restaurant and Minyan Locations for your GPS”

  1. Elaine said

    I checked it out the site is awesome. Bought it for my husband and told some friends it works great.

  2. Hinda said

    Great site. Already used it after 1 day and it works great.
    I’ll be traveling this summer so this will definitly come in handy.

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