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Jeiwsh Geography played on the chairlift

Posted by Frum Hiker on February 28, 2007

I went to work yesterday thinking of another boring day spent at my computer for 9 ½ hours. At 11:00am all the work was finished. Being it was Tuesday I immediately went home threw my ski equipment in the car and headed down to Hunter Mountain for “real close day” all the surrounding counties receive $25 tickets. When I got there a heavy shroud of fog covered the hill, but the snow covered trees signaled that it had snowed recently. It was quite warm probably in the thirties meaning no layers, just pants, jacket and some fleece gloves.

The conditions were amazing, not only had they received snow the day before, but just before I arrived it was snowing all morning. A thin layer of powder covered everything and due to the weekday non-existent crowds, it had not been skid up into ice at all. I was also skiing real well considering the last two times I have skid, there was a lot of heavy powder.

Besides the conditions being amazing, the jumps were amazing too, thy were scattered about, under the lifts near the poles, by the snow guns and on the sides of cliffs. Natural quarter pipes filled my vision, and best of all I didn’t need goggles at all.

I happen to think making conversation on the lifts makes the trip up faster, so I tend to strike up conversations with whomever I ride up with. I was riding up with this father and his son, the father was trying to use his blackberry on the lift, I knew they had to be New Yorkers based on that alone. The man and his son were wearing these black mid length coats, they were the yeshivish style winter coats, and although they had top notch gear it was a dead give away and decided to go in for the kill- mid conversation. So you guys are frum Jews I asked? Wow, yes how can you tell, they looked at me stunned? Took a guess, but your style of dress and you wielding the blackberry, and they fact you said you skid on Sundays regularly were dead give a ways. Also happens to be I do a lot of judging- in my field of work as well as my writings. So I had to play some Jewish Geography, because it’s the way or the world. So the guys a contractor and turns out he knows my dad, small world eh.


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