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Frum Jew spotted at Bristol Mountain

Posted by Frum Hiker on February 13, 2007

I had the opportunity to ski at Bristol Mountain this past Sunday. Bristol is located in the Finger Lakes region of New York in a place surrounded by low hills that can hardly be called mountains; Bristol itself is only 2200 feet above sea level with a 1200 foot vertical drop which is 400 feet less then Hunter by comparison.

I love Bristol for a few reasons and even though I live less then 2 hours from most of the major resorts in Vermont I look forward to skiing at Bristol. #1 the prices are incredible even compared to other mountains of the same size, an all day pass from 9am-10pm will set you back a mere $50 while the pass I opt for is the night pass from 4pm-10pm for a mere $35 a real bargain, considering major resorts charge more then $70 to ski for a day, while waiting on lift lines for half of it. #2 the terrain at Bristol is amazing for its size. They have the steeps, the bumps and most importantly a kick ass terrain park and half pipe. The most important thing for me in a ski resort is their terrain park features. I like moderate sized jumps with 5-15 feet gaps and any size preferably smaller half pipe. Bristol’s terrain park has a bunch of table top gapped jumps in a row with choices of size followed by a rather deep long half pipe. They also have a mini-park and pipe. Further more the people who run Bristol are all locals and therefore there is less bureaucracy than on other hills, for instance if some one builds a jump on the side of a trail, no one will call the ski patrol, and the sides of trails are littered with jumps.

Last night me and my friend Daniel lucked out we noticed at the ticket window that tonight for some reason there was a 5pm-10pm ticket special of $20, I was overjoyed and we hopped in the car for a hour of donuts in the snow covered lots. We were buying out tickets and we noticed a guy walking with tzitzs hanging out of his ski pants, a rare sight especially in this part of the state. Rochester s only 35 minutes away, but a frum Jew outside of the small community is a true rarity unlike a sighting at Hunter or Mount Snow which are situated near the epicenters of orthodox Jewry. I went up to him and it turns out he is the Chabad Rabbi at University of Rochester; I was impressed to say the least.


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