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More Mountain Biking Destinations for Jews in the Catskills

Posted by heshman on July 21, 2006

Today I rode the most magnificant loop of pristine singletrack that is quite close to Monticello. Good mountain biking is hard to come by when you may be vacationing or working in the Catskills so here are two other places I will recomend. So for all you frummy mountain bikers, shut up and ride.

Prompton Lake Park.

7 Miles West of Honesdale PA on route 6. In order to get to Honesdale, take route 52 west to Narrowsburgh NY, cross the Delaware river and continue on Route 652 west in PA, continue till honesdale and hop on route 6 west. about 6 miles after downtown Honesdale is route 170 North. Make a right and look for park.

One main loop circumnavigates the lake you see upon entering. The loop either starts by riding across the dam, or by going to the end of the parking lot away from the dam. The trail is called east shore or west shore depending on what you choose. The trail coming out of the parking lot is super fast and fairly technical. I ride a 5 inch dualy and have a blast here. It is very windy and there are tons of flat shale rocks, and rock bridges. Across the lake are many loops which connect into the main loop. I recomend the Sugar shack trail, a grueling climb through pine forest breaks into fields of blueberry and blackberry bushes. The downhill is much the same with some good oppurtunity for air.

Merli Sarnowski Park- Fell Mountain

Traveling further west on Route 6 into Carbondale will behold some super technical beautifull trails. This park which can be found on under either name in the trail reviews is quite techinical and rocky. Once again many loops loop into the main loop. All trails are marked. Take route 6 west into Carbondale, at the Dunkin Dounuts make a right and follow road up the hill. You will then see signs pointing you to park.


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