Frum Outdoorsman: Rare but Possible

The wanderings and adventures of an orthodox Jew

Important websites for frum Jews interested in the outdoors

Posted by heshman on July 21, 2006 – lists many local hiking trails, they charge but some services are free. – the greatest site on earth, classifieds for mountain bike parts, trail reviews- the best feature, with over 250 trail reviews w/directions in NY State alone. Furthermore the trail reviews can be searched by closest town. – another great site with photos, classifieds, and tons of other cool stuff. Mainly geared toward the downhill, freeride and urban crowd. My crowd. – in order to find the list of all of NYS skateparks go to links and click on list. The closest park to the Jewish Catskills is in Port Jervis and it aint too great. –  frum singles doing what most singles dont.  rock climbing, hiking, biking, even ice climbing and more. – site that makes fun of fruumies in a satirical manner, I know the dude well and he’s quite a joker, also a fellow outdoors frummy dude.

One Response to “Important websites for frum Jews interested in the outdoors”

  1. rachel said

    cell bands are dead

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